Extracting a grant in Slovakia; lawyer sought!

Help please! I am a contentious probate solicitor and specialise in missing person cases. I have obtained a declaration of presumed death under the Presumption of Death Act 2013 in relation to a woman who was living in England with her family a the time of her death. She died intestate. I’m acting for her son, who is 19.

A grant needs to be extracted in Slovakia as it appears that she was domiciled there - and I will need to be able to have it sealed here in order to sue on a large debt owed to her estate in this jurisdiction.

Does anyone know of a probate lawyer in Slovakia by any chance?

Sarah Young

Dear Sarah,

You can contact my brother: Timotej Braxator, who is practicing in Slovakia. Not sure if he can help you, but maybe move you forward.

Contact: braxator@sconsultants.eu

Helena Braxator