Chain of Representation

Good afternoon,

I have a matter where we are administering “A’s” estate who appointed “B” as sole Executor, “B” obtained the Grant of Probate but died shortly after the Probate was issued so therefor has not completed the administration of the estate. “B” has got a Will and appointed an Executor “C”. From my understanding because “B” has a Will and there is an appointed Executor “C” that via the Chain of Representation “C” will become the Executor of “A” estate once he has obtained Probate to “B’s” estate.

My questions are whilst “C” is obtaining a Grant of probate to “B’s” estate can any of the beneficiaries from “A’s” estate take out a temporary Grant to administer the estate of “A”?

Also, would there be any risk to executor “C” could they be liable for any action taken by the administrator of the temporary Grant or should “C” be advised to put in place a Caveat whilst they obtain the Probate to “B’s” estate?

I look forward to hearing from anyone who may have had experience with this situation?

Kind regards,